Quayside Isle Preparatory School at Sentosa Cove

Global Village Day Celebrations 2023

October 18, 2023

Global Village Day marks the exciting start of our school’s annual celebrations. Each year we come together to explore and embrace the diverse cultures and heritages that make our QuIPS community so vibrant. We place great emphasis on nurturing an international perspective in our students, especially those who may be growing up in a country and culture different from their own.


 Through the International Early Years and Primary Years curriculum, we strive to foster a deep understanding and appreciation of other countries and cultures. Global Village Day is a wonderful opportunity for our students to discover and celebrate the rich tapestry of global traditions, languages, and customs. By encouraging the children to be more internationally minded, we hope to empower them to embrace diversity, foster empathy, and develop a true appreciation for the world’s many cultures.

Our Performing Arts Teacher, Ms Stephanie, held a special music class with a few of the classes, listening and dancing to different music from around the world. We also listened to a song Hello To All The Children Of The World, where we learned a few different ways to say hello.

Our Global Village Day Picnic was definitely also one of the highlights for the children. They were so happy to share the food they brought, some of the favourites were definitely the fairy bread, vegemite sandwiches and the curry with baguette. What a wonderful time together!



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